Volume 2, Issue 1 (2009)

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Karasavvoglou A. G.

Molochny Boris
Essay on International Financial Crisis and Endogenous Growth Theory

Jablecki Juliusz
The impact of Basel I capital requirements on bank behaviour and the efficacy of monetary policy

Belén Fernández-Feijóo Souto
Crisis and Corporate Social Responsibility: Threat or Opportunity?

Müssig Anke
The Financial Crisis: Caused by Unpreventable or Organized Failures?

Ziolkowska Jadwiga
Environmental benefit, side effects and objective-oriented financing of agri-environmental measures: Case study of Poland

Bluemle Gerold
200 Jahre Darwin und 250 Jahre Theory of Moral Sentiments von Adam Smith: Zur Aktualität eines vergessenen Werkes

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