Volume 4, Issue 3 (2011)

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Armando Silva
Financial Constraints and Exports: Evidence from Portuguese Manufacturing Firm

Pantelis Sklias
The political economy of regional integration in the Western Balkans

Mehmet Aldonat Beyzatlar, Yeşim Kuştepeli
Infrastructure, Economic Growth and Population Density in Turkey

Vasilios-Christos Naoum, Nicos Sykianakis and Christos Tzovas
The perceptions of managers of Greek firms regarding the Costs and Benefits ensuing from the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in Greece

Emmanuel Anoruo
Testing for Linear and Nonlinear Causality between Crude Oil Price Changes and Stock Market Returns

Paul Van Hulzen, Laura Alfonso, Georgios Georgakopoulos and Ioannis Sotiropoulos
Amortisation Versus Impairment of Goodwill and Accounting Quality

Efe Çağlar Çağli, Pinar Evrim Mandaci and Hakan Kahyaoğlu
Volatility Shifts and Persistence in Variance: Evidence from the Sector Indices of Istanbul Stock Exchange

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