Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)

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Koronios, K., Mavromati, M., Kriemadis, A.
Motivating Public Sector Employees: Evidence from Greece

Zampara K., Giannopoulos M., Koufopoulos D. N.
Macroeconomic and Industry-Specific Determinants of Greek Bank Profitability

Tzvetana Stoyanova and Ivaylo Iliev
Employee Engagement Factor for Organizational Excellence

Katimertzopoulos, F. and Vlados, Ch.
Local Support Mechanisms for Entrepreneurship: The Approach of Local Development and Innovation Institutions

Burak √únveren
On Risk Induced by Technical Change

Nikolay Sterev, Diana Kopeva, Dimitar Blagoev
Does Business Cycle Have an Impact on Entrants and Exits?

Iordanis Eleftheriadis and Vasilios Vyttas
Risk Management and Viability of Public Organizations. Development of a Risk Measurement Tool: The Case of Greece

Gila-Gourgoura, E. and Nikolaidou, E.
Credit Risk Determinants in the Vulnerable Economies of Europe: Evidence from the Spanish Banking System

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