Volume 3, Issue 2 (2010)

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Rabindra Bhandari, Gyan Pradhan and Mukti Upadhyay
Another empirical look at the Kuznets curve

Manish Kumar
A Time-Varying Parameter Vector Autoregression Model for Forecasting Emerging Market Exchange Rates

Mihai Ioan Mutascu and Anne-Marie Fleischer
A VAR Analysis of FDI and Wages: The Romania's Case

Athanasios Vazakidis and Stergios Athianos
Do Dividend Announcements Affect The Stock Prices in The Greek Stock Market?

Norbert H. Meiners, Ulf Schwarting and Bernd Seeberger
The Renaissance of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A 'New' Standard in Twenty-First Century Marketing Management?!

Nagi Bairamli and Vassilis Kostoglou
The Role of Savings in the Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ivan Ivanov and Julia Dobreva
Modeling Labor Supply through Duality and the Slutsky Equation

M. Abimbola Oyinlola, Oluwatosin Adeniyi and Olusegun Omisakin
Responsiveness of Trade Flows to Changes in Exchange rate and Relative prices: Evidence from Nigeria

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